CDC Disease Detective Camp

CDC Disease Detective Camp (DDC) is an educational program started by CDC′s David J. Sencer CDC Museum in 2005 as a mechanism for developing a public health camp curriculum for state and county health departments. The camp is open to upcoming high school juniors and seniors and is held at CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia…. Read More

UCSF High School Outreach Conference

The High School Outreach Conference is an event that seeks to expose high school students in the bay area to the different careers available to them in healthcare. Students  spend the day rotating between each of the 6 professional schools at UCSF (medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, and graduate studies) and participate in hands-on… Read More

MTC Internship Opportunities!

Each year MTC sponsors a High School Internship Program. The purpose of the program is to introduce high school students (in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade) to career opportunities in the field of transportation, to show them how public transportation agencies play an overall part in the community, county, and regional transportation operations, and… Read More