Third Haus High School Internship

Third Haus is a new community-based creative hub bringing kids, parents, and makers together. Our creative studio provides individualized stealth learning experiences through projects ranging from video game creation all the way to comic book writing, allowing kids to build their own personal narratives.

As they build out their team, Third Haus is offering long-term internship opportunities for high achieving, dedicated and creative students, recognized by their teachers and fellow community members as outstanding individuals. They are looking for individuals who:

  • Have a level of mastery in a creative field (e.g. visual art, graphic design, movie making, coding, video game design, creative writing, coding, robotics, etc.)
  • Experience working with (or passionate about working with) kids  
  • Are passionate about sharing their talents and skill sets
  • Are able to work approximately 4-12 hours a week during the summer

The Third Haus internship offers a flexible schedule, access to makerspace and creative studio resources, special work opportunities within their startup network, and the potential for profit sharing benefits. The internship is also moldable to individual goals or ideas, allowing interns the chance to take advantage of being part of a young startup.

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