TutorCorps Grants + Webinars

Community Service Grants

The Tutor Corps Foundation awards grants to support innovative student projects that make a sustainable impact in the community. Projects may address issues such as poverty, education, health or the environment.

Who: Students in grades 6 to 11 may apply

Deadline: April 1, 2019

Awards: $250 – $750

Apply: Visit www.tutorcorps.com/community-service-grants/

“How to Help Students Master Study Skills: A Webinar for Parents and Students”
With spring semester in full swing, parents can see which of their students’ study habits are working well and which skills need more support. Join the experts at Tutor Corps for a webinar for parents on how to help your students strengthen their skills around effective studying, habit-forming, time management and self-advocacy in academics.

When: Wednesday, March 13 @7pm
Who: This free webinar is ideal for parents and students (grades 7-11)
How: Click here to REGISTER and reserve your spot

“Demystify the SSAT: A Webinar for Parents”
In this 30-minute webinar from Tutor Corps, we will demystify the upper-level SSAT test and help parents understand the best ways to support students through their SSAT experience. Attendees will have a chance to review the test format, learn fundamentals and scoring, prepare a test-taking timeline, and better understand the options available for test preparation.

When: Wednesday, March 27 @ 7pm
Who: This free webinar is ideal for parents with children in grades 6-8
How: Click here to REGISTER and reserve your spot

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