Project Funding Available from the Marin Academy Youth Grants Board

The Marin Academy Youth Grants Board is a student-run philanthropy board that helps fund youth-led community projects benefiting the Bay Area. Each year they select and fund a dozen or more service and civic-based projects for up to $1,000 each. They are looking for motivated young people, who are inspired to start or continue a community engagement project that benefits our local communities.


Examples of past projects include:

Make a Splash, sponsored by USA Swimming, provides free swim lessons for under-resourced children. Our ultimate goal for the end of the summer is to have each student pool safe, or at least comfortable in the water. Studies have shown that swim lessons reduce the chance of drowning by 88%, so if we can achieve this goal, we will be making a significant impact on each child’s development. Our project develops skills for both the young children and our volunteers” (Make a Splash Grant Proposal, 2017).

“Ball for All will introduce youth in the Canal to the power of fitness when it comes to mental and physical well being. We will provide the students with a chance to learn how to care for their own bodies and will introduce them to an athletic activity that will motivate them to eat well and strengthen their community by strengthening their own bodies and minds” (Ball For All Grant Proposal, 2018).

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