About Face Workshop “How Does Media Impact You?” Nov. 10


When: Saturday November 10, 2018 | 3-5pm

Where: Google Community Space
(Embarcadero/Howard St., San Francisco)

Snacks provided. This space is wheelchair accessible.

How: RSVP here

Sliding Scale Fee: $15 to $50 per participant

Our teens need tools to handle the sometimes-toxic culture they are swimming in every day, and About-Face provides those tools! By leading workshops in schools and other organizations throughout the Bay Area, we’ve reached more than 8,000 youth since 2007. Now we’re leading a public workshop for Bay Area teens.

In this two-hour workshop, our Workshop Leader will engage teens in dialogue and hands-on activities about the role of various types of media (from advertisements to TV shows and social media posts). We will arm them with skills to break down and decode pieces of media, analyze stereotypes, and look at representation according to social constructs like race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability.

We take a hard look at how the media may impact their overall mental health and their behavior (especially online), and leave them with tips for using media in more positive ways.Objectives of this workshop are: to further participants’ media literacy and fluency while inspiring them to be media-makers and action-takers through examples of youth-led activism taking place around the country today. Some questions we will ask and answer are:

  • What do celebrity memes, TV shows, your Snapchat account, and billboard ads have in common?
  • How are stereotypes still in effect?
  • Why does representation matter?
  • How can you become your own media-maker?
  • Why are young people’s connections to their Instagram accounts so important?

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