JFCS’ Incredible Teen Service Opportunity

Through JFCS’ Impact Year program, teens give back to their communities, gain leadership skills, and explore their identities through service and advocacy.  Impact Year will be great experience for resumes and college applications. I would love it if you could share some information about our program with your students, via whatever platform you use. Here is a link to our website with more detail.

Impact Year gives teens an opportunity to take part in service learning events and advocacy projects that support a range of populations in need in our communities. The program runs during the school year (Oct. – May) and participants can join in at any time during the school year as their schedules allow.

Throughout the program teens are encouraged to think about themselves, their futures, and their place in the world through a Jewish values-based lens. As they explore their own identities, teens are presented with the challenge to consider how they want to put values such as tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (an obligation to give back to your community) into action and make an impact in their local communities. By exploring these and other Jewish ideas and values, participants come to realize that they are living Jewishly by engaging in service.

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