Upcoming Event: Big Truck Day, Oct. 10

Save the date of Wednesday, October 10th for an amazing time in McLaren

Big Truck Day was born last year, when over 500 tots and their families
came to view and learn about big trucks, buses and more!

So, SF Parks and Recreation is doing it again! SFMTA is featuring one of
its new Muni buses and many other SF City & County Agencies will showcase
many different vehicles, such as dump trucks, trucks with cranes, trucks
the vacuumed and dumped and squirted water. We’ll have diggers and pushers and trucks with loud horns. Some trucks are big and some are small, truth is all are fascinating to see and climb in. The icing on the cake? Drivers
will be on hand to tell stories and talk about what the trucks do! And
there’ll be a special Storytime by San Francisco’s Assistant Fire Chief!

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