Deadline Approaching: The Pioneer Research Program, May 21

Students can learn more about the Program’s summer term, application process, and deadlines by signing up for a weekly online information session at

From the Pioneer Academics Team:

The admissions committee is processing the applications of the priority deadlines. The applications coming in later than the priority deadlines will be reviewed by the order of submission.

We will run online info sessions every weekend until May 19. Students can sign up on our website ( We’ve included our program introduction below to make it easy to share. We always emphasize the importance of attending these info sessions simply because students who understand the program can make more informed decisions about joining it. Attendees who apply are considered with priority in the admission process.

Counselors often ask us about the college admission results of our applicants. We’ve gathered most of the data from our students last summer about where they’re going to college. So far, we’ve heard from 233 students and the results are impressive:

– 32% of students were admitted to colleges with an admission rate of 9% or lower
– 56% were selected by colleges with an admission rate of 15% or lower
– 73% gained admission to schools with an admission rate of 20% or lower

We will share the full list of results when it is ready on our website.

Pioneer is widely recognized by many selective colleges and universities as being a program demanding the highest level or academic rigor and research innovation. With a track record of six years of selecting the highest caliber student globally, students who have been selected into Pioneer and performed well have showcased their results through their college applications. Upon completion, students will obtain college credit through our Oberlin College partnership and an evaluation speaking to their ability to contribute academically to a selective college environment.

If you’d like to set up a time to speak with us or have any specific questions, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you or your students!

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