Peace Works Travel Digital Storytelling Trips: Service Learning Using Creative Media

California – Mexico Border 

May 25, 2018- May 28, 2018

Put a human face on the headlines. Expand your understanding beyond the rhetoric with a comprehensive exploration of the trans-border region. Learn More

Guatemala Rising! –

July 5, 2018-July 14, 2018

Fair Trade Matters: Friendly people. Verdant volcanic lakes. Old colonial charm. The “land of eternal spring” is an ideal opportunity to understand hemispheric issues. Students explore models of farming cooperatives, Girls’ Empowerment, environmental stewardship and how solving the Latin American human migration crisis begins with Fair Trade.  Learn More

Cambodia –

August 7, 2018-August 15, 2018

Witness Cambodia’s hidden history and emerging cultural renaissance. Cambodia Alive! Programs offer an insider’s understanding of the richness of Khmer spirit over time and place. Learn More

Digital Storytelling – Guatemala 2018

July 7, 2018-July 15, 2018

Join nationally award-winning cinema and journalism teacher Michael Hernandez on an exciting digital storytelling adventure to Guatemala. Teachers are guided through the process of teaching students to produce multimedia stories both in their own communities and abroad. Training includes practical use of hand-held media to create compelling content, securing subject interviews with empathy, and capture the experience of people and cultures first-hand. Learn More

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