Volunteer Opportunity: The Sunset Community Festival, September 23

Sunset Youth Services, along with the Sunset Family Resource Center, is looking for volunteers for this Saturday from 10- 1:30, 1:30-5 or all day. For more information, contact Maria Dajani by email at maria@sunsetyouthservices.org.

The Sunset Community Festival celebrates over 20 years of bringing together hundreds of residents from the Sunset District to celebrate the community on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

The Festival began in 1994 and was founded by the Sunset District Neighborhood Coalition, led by Dawn and Ron Steuckle, co-founders of Sunset Youth Services sunsetyouthservices.orgThe goal of the Festival was and still is to bring the Sunset community together for a day of family fun where we showcase all our neighborhood has to offer.

The Sunset Festival will bring local artisans, merchants and food vendors as well as a variety of entertainment. The festival has a long standing tradition of building community and has something for everyone.

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