Launch Your Business Idea! Deadline November 18

Catapult is a national startup incubator the helps high school students launch business ideas. In the past two years their alumni have generated over $1,000,000 from revenue, investment, donations, and/or crowd-funding, and the majority are admitted to the top 10 universities in the country.

At Catapult, they believe that every student, every idea, every startup has the possibility to do great things. To shape culture. To impact society. To disrupt business. To inspire change. Catapult provides high school students with an unprecedented, immersive learning experience during the school year. Students will work in teams, alongside corporate and MBA advisors (Chicago Booth, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton), and have access to thought-leaders in the technology, venture capital, and social entrepreneurship spaces to build and launch a startup venture.

Check out if any of this interests you.

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