Digital Learning TechTeens, Due Sept 9

TechTeens will work with Academy experts to explore current science issues, and use digital media (social media, gaming, photography, video, and blogs) to create their own science stories. The TechTeens also serve as Academy ambassadors and communicate science to the public at internal and external events. The TechTeens will be grouped into two teams: The Science News Team and the Science Game Team.

Science News Team

  • Research and communicate hot topics in science
  • Use social media to foster public debate across the country on important science issues
  • Work with KQED and other technology and science professionals to lead national conversations on science topics
  • Go behind-the-scenes and contribute to the Academy’s social media presence

Science Game Team

  • Design and prototype science games
  • Create science artwork and audio assets
  • Share your work with the general public
  • Explore our collections and work with our researchers behind-the-scenes at the Academy
  • Help organize and lead youth to design their own games

For more details about the TechTeens and to apply, visit

View the TechTeens flyer here: TechTeens Flyer

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