Want to be a Summer Camp Counselor?

Bay Leaf Kitchen, a kids cooking and farming nonprofit in San Francisco, is looking for volunteer counselors for their summer camp sessions in June and July!

It is an amazing opportunity to create a connection with a young and fun nonprofit organization in the city. Counselors will get to work with some of San Francisco’s premiere chefs while interacting with kids, ages 8–12, teaching them how to cook. Each week counselors will get to participate in an overnight camping trip to a farm or ranch where campers and counselors will learn how to do everything from milking goats, to picking fruits and vegetables from the field, to cooking in an outdoor kitchen with a guest chef, to roasting marshmallows around a fire under the stars.

Letters of recommendation or confirmation of employment for college applications are gladly written for any participating counselor.

Contact Jacob B. ’15 for more information.

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