Harmony Through Education

Harmony Through Education’s (Harmony) mission is to educate children with special needs in rural, impoverished areas of developing nations.  This education enables the children to rise above the confines of their isolation, develop self-esteem and employable skills, and become a source of pride for their families and communities.

Harmony implements this mission by creating effective projects and schools specifically tailored to educate special needs students and their families.  Local involvement and leadership in the communities fosters the growth of each child, supports their families, and builds community harmony.

Harmony is proud to announce its volunteer program. Be the first to embark on a journey to India and get culturally immersed into what the country has to offer. From meditation and language classes to learning about the history of the culture, India offers an extraordinary experience. Volunteers will be based in Dharamsala, home to the Dalai Lama. Dharamsala is a vibrant region with several thousand Tibetan refugees and monks. The mixture of languages, religions and authentic food is bound to leave you wanting more!

Visit the website to learn more!

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