Unity in the Community

In Honor of Latino Heritage Month, Ron Wilkins will be giving a talk entitled: Unity in the Community: A History of Black & Brown Collaboration.

The talk will be taking place on Wednesday 09/18, 6:30pm at St. Ignatius College Preparatory, 2001 37th Ave, San Francisco.

Join us for an informative presentation by Professor Ron Wilkins. Prof. Wilkins has worked extensively on campuses and in community settings, focusing on the long-but-oft-untold collaborations between Mexican and black people. He has written and lectured extensively on pre and post Columbian era solidarity among African, Mexican and Indigenous peoples. Prof. Wilkins has guided high school students on visits to “Black Mexico”, authored compelling and widely circulated “think pieces” on this topic, and a soon-to-be-published book, Black and Brown Unity: An Illustrated History For Beginners.  Don’t miss this special lecture.

For more info on R. Wilkins (this is a free event): http://www.blackbrownunity.org/index.html 

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