Urban Forestry Internship

Urban Forestry Intern – Summer

Recommended Start Date: June 1, 2013

Schedule: Flexible, 15 to 25 hours per week

Duration: 10 to 12 weeks

Salary: Unpaid

Description: This well-rounded Urban Forestry Internship will include nearly all aspects of our work: planting, pruning, landscaping, outreach, administration, planning, and communications.

Each week you will focus on a different aspect of the urban forest in San Francisco. Topics range from tree identification to fruit tree pruning to volunteer leadership.  You will also be required to design and execute a capstone project tailored to your area of interest. This project can pull from any area of our work, and you are encouraged to find something that inspires you to take an active role in your learning. We also have a comprehensive education system that will enable you to deepen your knowledge of urban forestry and will set you up with a great foundation for future jobs/projects.


  • Must be able to commit to the entire internship period, and to follow a schedule that we agree upon.
  • Must be in good physical condition and able to perform physical labor outdoors at times in inclement weather.
  • Individuals with a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record will be preferred.

To Apply:
E-mail resume, and brief description of your areas of interest and available dates, to Blake using our contact form.

Call Blake at 415-268-0774 or email him using our contact form.

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