Tigers Helping Tigers | Contacts

The Tigers Helping Tigers event was a success! Thanks to all who participated!

In case you wanted to link up with the alumni who dropped by, check out their info:


Sita Brooks class of 1996

Company: SapientNitro

Position: Account Supervisor


Dayle Burnes 1991

Company: Morgan Stanley

Position: Chief Operating Officer of Western Region Investment Banking


Tony Grant 1987

Company: The Sustainable Arts Foundation

Position: Director


Alex Hochman 1988

Company: The University of San Francisco

Position: Assistant Director of The Career Services Center


Laura Jones 2000

Company: Google

Position: Product Marketing Manager on the Commerce Team


Nicole Laborde 1988

Company: RTI International

Position: Research Analyst


Nicole Levine 1988

Company: The Women’s Initiative for Self-employment

Position: Interim Chief Executive Officer


Noah Miller 1996

Company: outLoud Radio

Position: Founding Executive Director


Ericka Moreno Shoemaker 1995

Company: Gen7

Position: Business Development Manager


Anye Spivey 1997

Company: Lion Hound Technologies

Position: Founder/CEO


Fred Stein 1978

Company: Exploratorium

Position: Teacher-Educator

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