Democratic Internship Program – Fall 2012

Intern admission requirements:

  • Excellent communications skills as demonstrated in an email asking to join the program and a follow-up phone interview or resume submission
  • A basic knowledge of electoral politics and government roles/public policy
  • Signed permission form
  • Patience and dedication for progressive or liberal causes

Intern Expectations:

  • Be up-to-date on local and national political news
  • Volunteer at least four 5-hour shifts in our local office before November 1. We recognize high school students are busy, but we also will favor applicants who can commit to more than this minimum
  • Between November 1 and November 6 volunteer at least 8 hours at the local office. (Exceptions can be made with prior discussion or if the intern wants to go out of town)
  • Follow instructions closely, ask questions, and always enjoy yourself!
  • Interns will be responsible for registering people to vote, making phone calls to swing states, and helping out in the office. Hitting the streets and talking to strangers a must

Please contact the Executive Director for the San Francisco Democratic Party, Ally Hergenraeder: for more information or to apply.

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