San Francisco Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board

The Youth Empowerment Fund Advisory Board (YEFAB) is made up of 8-12 youth agesĀ 15-20 from throughout San Francisco and provides leadership and oversight to the Youth Empowerment Fund. We partner with the San Francisco Youth Commission to ensure that the youth voice is incorporated at every decision-making level.

YEFAB’s roles and responsibilities include:

  • making decisions on how to fund youth-led projects
  • documenting and assessing the work of youth programs
  • facilitating community meetings such as trainings, workshops, and focus groups
  • creating ways for youth in the city to get together, learn from each other and celebrate each other’s work
  • provide feedback on the overall design and implementation of the Youth Empowerment Fund

Deadline: April 23, 2012

Application: 2012-13 YEFAB Application


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