SF SPCA High School Volunteer Program

The High School Volunteer Program provides youth with great opportunities to learn more
about cats or dogs, help the animals at our shelter, meet other teens interested in companion animals, and explore animal related careers. The program fosters skills in personal accountability, animal handling, and inter-personal communication.

The Cat or Dog volunteer training courses are designed to screen and prepare students for
continued and independent volunteer work in our shelter. Students who successfully graduate the course, which is based on demonstration of the qualifications listed below as well as attendance of all required training classes, will sign up for a weekly volunteer shift, permitting them to volunteer throughout high school.


  • Class meets once per week for three weeks, from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
  • Attendance at all three training classes is required (sorry, no “make-ups”).
  • The program fee is $90 per participant. Financial aid and scholarships are available for qualified applicants!

Upcoming Cat Volunteer Program Dates:

Upcoming Dog Volunteer Program Dates:

Website: http://www.sfspca.org/support/volunteer

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