“Omelette In Motion” by Marissa Fong

One of our film assignments was to do a Motion Study. We payed a visit to Musee de Mechanique near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to see some of the oldest arcade games and earliest forms of film. I was actually really impressed with how entertaining early games and motion pictures are. They are so simple, yet so captivating. I also loved studying Muybridge’s work with Leeland Stanford’s racehorse because of the blend of history, science, film, and California’s history as well.

For my motion study, I wanted to animate something fun and make the objects look like they were doing something very human without a human presence. I was partly inspired by an exhibit I saw at the Exploratorium where inedible objects such as plastic dies, yarn, leather, and paper were combined with the magic of animation to make them look like real edible food. From these ideas, I decided to create, “Omelette In Motion,” a short story about how some omelette ingredients get together and decide they don’t need anyone’s help to make themselves into a delicious omelette.

One thought on ““Omelette In Motion” by Marissa Fong”

  1. This was a super cool motion study and you obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. It’s also really nice seeing an everyday thing put into stop motion and have it look so awesome.

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