Face to Face Meetings (James)

My favorite face to face meetings were the ones to the Musee Mechanique/Exploratorium and to the BAMPFA.

I had never been to the BAMPFA before and let me tell you, it is well worth the visit. We got to see more different art forms than you could possibly name off the top of your head. Each piece was uniquely different and had countless stories behind it. We also got to visit a station where you could make your own art. They had the largest collection of stamps that I had ever seen and it was awesome. There is a picture of some of the stamp themed artwork that I created in my visual journal down below. (It might be hard to tell the difference between my art and the art in the museum)



Next, the face to face trip to the Exploratorium and Musee Mechanique was great as well. We learned about early filmmaking techniques and even got to see them in action. We saw several zoetropes, including one at the Exploratorium of lego Batman, which was very interesting. It created a more modern feel for an old technique. The Musee was great with several different old arcade games. Some were slightly scary, like one with dancing puppets hanging another puppet, and some were fun and interactive, like a hoops game (photo below). The best part about this combined trip was that we could interact with all of these concepts that we were learning about and solidify them in our brains. We were no longer just reading about this work, we were actually experiencing it.




2 thoughts on “Face to Face Meetings (James)”

  1. I also had never been to the BAMPFA but was pleasantly surprised with how great it was. Like you said, each piece had so much meaning behind it and it was cool being able to spend a good amount of time just being able to absorb what was there.

  2. Your recreations of the art at the BAMPFA were totally stunning and I think you should be an artist. Your words “let me tell you, it is well worth the visit” sound exactly like my esteemed grandmother!!! You are an inspiration!!!

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